Monday, March 26, 2012

Promotion for Hubby?!?!?!

So if you all didn't know my husband is in the MIT (Manager in Training) program at his job. He works as a cook at Travel Centers of America. He has been working there since August 2011. He loves it. It is a very low pressure job compared to working as a cook at Cracker Barrel where we met. Shortly after he started working at the TA, their General Manager moved on to bigger and better things and they brought in a new manager, who he got along with quite well. By October, I believe it was, he was put into the MIT program.

I wont go into the stupid problems he has endured over the past 2 months, because it's petty crap that should have never been started to begin with.

Country Pride is the restaurant he works at. Its not bad food, lol. Its mainly buffet with other items cooked to order. He started off being the 4pm to midnight cook. But since being in the MIT program, and bringing on one of his good friends from Cracker Barrel. He isn't the 4-12 cook, but does some Manager shifts and 1 overnight shift from 12am-8am. It's the one shift I hate! Granted it is only one night a week, but still, I have issues with sleeping when he isn't here.

There were talks of several places we could go if accepted a Manager position with Travel Centers of America. The one I absolutely detested was Rawlins, Wyoming. 1st off, if anyone from there reads this, it has nothing to do with your city nor your state; It's just we have 2 little ones in our family, and I know that Nathan could not be that far away from little Jenessa, and I don't want to take Andrew that far away from his birth dad. As he does see him every other weekend. Other places were Alabama, Georgia, Texas, etc...Those are just to name a few. But in reality i would rather stay in Florida while our youngest are little and not in school yet. But in my heart, I know I need a change, emotionally I need that change. And the change would be good for our family too. I have never lived outside of Florida and I think my body is telling me that I need that change.

So last week He got a call from his General Manager, it was his day off and he asked him to come in that he needed to talk to him. And I hate when they do that because he always ends up getting stuck there. It drives me bonkers!!!! So we went down there. Andrew and I waited in the car. He was not happy about that, as he wanted to go into daddy's work. He came back out within 20 minutes or so. I asked him what happened, and he said I will fill you in when we pull out. I was thinking something bad if he would not tell me right away. As we left, he said 1st off I have to go into work. We are going home, I'm changing and take me back, I don't want to leave you without the van today in case you need to work too. I was pretty much on an on call basis with my job as it was seasonal work. He then said I have an interview with Nick the District Manager tomorrow about a Kitchen Manager in another store in Ocala, Florida. Which I was over the moon about because he knew I did not want to leave Florida.

One thing we did not realize after he interviewed was that the job was not with Travel Centers of America and Country Pride, but it was actually for their sister company Petro Travel Center, and the restaurant is Iron Skillet. And with what research I have done; it seems Iron Skillet is just like Country Pride, but a little bigger with a bigger buffet, offering more items.

And Nate learned that the job isn't in Ocala, Florida; but actually in Carnesville, Georgia. If he accepted the job, he would be going to Ocala for his training, then going to Carnesville for the job. Which is fine. Georgia boarders Florida, and we would be close to my parents, but after researching we found out that we would the just able the same distance from parents as we are now, just the opposite direction. Which is still fine. I was more happy with the thought of going to Ocala, because it would put us an hour away from them.

We should know sometime this week if he is offered the position. Everyone cross their fingers!!!!