Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday...

It is a very lazy Sunday. Definitely switched up. Normally Nate does not work till Sunday night, but today he went in @ 8am, and gets off work @ 4pm, YAY!!! The King of my Castle will be home tonight! I am very happy!!!! And Jenessa was picked up by her mommy, earlier then normal, against Nate's wishes of course, but she will be back on Friday. So we deal. Drew went to his dad this weekend and will be home around 4-5pm today. I cannot wait, I always miss that booger, when his dad's truck turns the corner and I can't see him anymore. So for now, I am sitting here playing Castleville on Facebook, Listening to iHeartRadio.

I really need to clean up our bedroom, there's a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. Which will all get done eventually today. Dishes, more laundry to be done. There is always laundry and dishes to be done. Then sweeping and mopping.

Well My fluffy mail still has not come, I am sad, I do want my fluffy mail really bad!!! When I checked tracking it said it was in Atlanta on the 27th, which is when it was supposed to be delivered, and then late in the night on the 27th, and all day the 28th, it was in Memphis, REALLY, Why Memphis, that is further north then when it was in Atlanta...GRRR...I knew I hated USPS, and the lovely lady that sent my fluff to me hates USPS, but they can be the cheapest to mail things out.

We had Tara's party yesterday. No real pictures, because we were having way too much fun, I am mad at myself because I never got a picture of her cake. Nothing special, just a homemade funfetti cake mix, with cream cheese icing, and then "Happy 11th Birthday Tara written on it in pink icing, with pink sprinkles, lol. They had pizza for a late lunch/dinner. I have pictures of them playing baseball. Still need to get them uploaded first, and I will post a few soon.

Off to go find something to do, lol....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Won!!!!!!

I entered a contest for 2 used cloth diapers from Babycenter, and YAY, I won, all I paid for is shipping. I cannot wait to get them in the mail. My 1st fluffy package, too bad I can't even use them yet. Drew is way too big for diapers.

They are 2 diaper from "Mommy's Touch". I had never heard about them till i entered that contest, and I have been doing some hardcore research lately, obviously not in depth enough, lol. I want to take a stab and think I am getting 2 of the "budget Bottom AI2 Diapers" But I will know tomorrow. One needs some stitching repair and that is easy-piesy for me to do.

Here is the picture of the 2 diapers in the ad for them when I entered the contest.

I am ecstatic to get them in the mail, according to USPS tracking it will be here tomorrow, Oh i hope my fluffy mail comes before I have to go to work, cause then my Hubby will get it, and i know him he will open it. And I want to be the 1st to open our fluffy mail!!!

Once I have the diapers, I will do a Mini-Review on them, and do a through review of their website. So for now, I will be sitting here impatiently waiting for my fluffy mail!!!! Did I say impatiently...Ok, just wanted to make sure I said I will be impatiently waiting...

Happy 11th Birthday Tara Alysson

Happy Belated 11th Birthday Tara Alysson!!!! I cannot believe my baby girl is 11!!! Time just flies by. She has grown so much and is maturing so well for her age!!!!

Tara is in 5th grade, she is begging for home-school, and although her dad and I have talked about it, we are probably going to for go homeschooling with her and her twin siblings because they really need that social interaction that they get from going to a brick and mortar school.

Last time I checked her favorite color was purple, but as a pre-teen that could change daily, lol. And she is a hughe Justin Bieber fan, but in her words "Who isn't, Mommy" Umm...Mommy, lol!!!

Her party is Saturday, She wanted both her dad and I there, and that is only going to happen on Saturday. We are doing cake and presents, and having a great day. I might break out the slip n slide if it's good weather!!! Again, Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Been Forever...

Yes, I know it has been awhile since i have been here. Things have been quite crazy around the house, and i will definitely get here soon to give a full report!!! 1 Major even that has happened is Miss Tara turned 11!!! Happy birthday Tara, she turned 11 on monday the 23rd. Her party is Saturday because she wants both her dad and i there together, which is only going to happen on Saturday.

Again, I have lots of things to tell everyone, and will soon, things are crazy, But when i come back, I vow to not leave for this long ever again, My honor!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Heinys Giveaway

Now dont think, "Oh, here she goes again". I have become a little passionate with cloth diapering. If Drew wasnt so far with potty training, I would try them with him. Well I really dont see why I couldnt regardless because if i bought or made Drew a few cloth diapers, I could easily add them to the stash for the new baby, when they are potty training.

This one is for the "Birthday Blessings Bash" Happy Heinys One Size Pocket Diaper #GIVEAWAY {Nature Bumz} Here is the link to check it out for yourself.

The give ends on January 16, 2012!!! There is still 5 days left to enter. The winner gets a Happy Heinys one size pocket diaper in winners choice of color and closure! *subject to items available*

I have checked out Nature Bumz website a few times. They have a great diaper selection, I need to check it out more.

I am working on getting my sewing machine. Not only am I looking into making clothes and other things for the girls, But i am very interested in trying to make cloth diapers, for my stash and if I get good enough even open up my own web store. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

You did what....

So the other day my husband said i told T that we were trying to have a baby. I asked him why, cause we didn't we weren't going to tell any of the older kids, cause we didn't want it getting back to his parents, because his mother would flip, she does not want him having another child, but his father says if we want another child there isn't anyone to stop us and its our life, our choice.

I was shocked to say the least. Now she asking a billion questions about where babies come from, how to they grow. So I took her on Baby Center and showed her a few things about pregnancy and babies growing in womens bodies. She was very intrigued and had even more questions, I told her to save them for later, lol, there are plenty of time for questions.

So this bleeding from having my IUD is insane, i wish it would stop. Well it does for a day or two, then starts right back up again. Then goes away, then comes back, its driving me crazy cause i don't know when is the right time to actually START trying to conceive a baby.

I made a new email address today, I can never stick to one, my life is constantly changing and it seems that my email address reflects my life. That was random.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Giveaway

As I told you I am researching Cloth Diapering like there is no tomorrow...Here is a giveaway for Econobum!! Again, I am very interested in Econobum, So i am entering another Giveaway, in hopes to build a stash for this little bundle of joy we are planning.

Wish me luck, and there is still time left for you to enter the contest as well...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thirsties Duo Diaper Giveaway!!!

Ok, So everyone knows we are TTC, We are very excited!!!! Lately we have been thinking about ways to cut some of the costs with a new baby, he/she will be our last, and Cloth diapering is one thing I have been very interested in for this new bundle.

Nathan wants to start buying things now, even though i am not pregnant yet, but he wants us to be prepared when the baby comes. So I have been plugging away on the computer researching everything I can, and entering contests to win things, and I found one called "GIVEAWAY #13 - Thirsties Duo Diaper w/ Snaps (Ends 1/6/12)" One of my entries is blogging about it. I am very interested in trying all types of cloth diapers to find what will work for us. I know one thing, I am interested in snaps and Velcro over snappis and diaper pins. I would love to win this contest and recieve new cloth diapers to add start/add to my stash for our new baby!!!

Adventures In Fluff

And if your a mommy or a mommy to be, Go enter the contest if you are cloth diapering or wanting to try it with your new little one!! Hurry up the contest ends on 1/6/12!!!