Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mobile Blogging

So due to unforeseen circumstances I will be trying my hand at mobile blogging. Why u ask? No internet at the house currently, but I still seem to get a decent connection without my fast wifi....

Hopefully everything will work out right. Still waiting on the lights to review, they should be here hopefully by the end of this of week or early next week. Then I have a yummy new product on it's way to review & offer a giveaway as well. So these products will be my first crack at mobile blogging

Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally Working Again.....

I am finally working again....YAY!!!!! I have 2 jobs actually. Working part time at Lenscrafters, and part time for H&H Cleaning, where I clean one of the local Wells Fargo banks in my area. I am enjoying both jobs. The bank job (hehe, I said bank job...OOO) is 6 days a week with Sunday off. I can go anytime to clean after 6pm, just have to be out 11pm. It's really easy...A monkey could do it, LOL. I really enjoy Lenscrafters. I was excited to get that job. I am not only just looking for a job, but finally get a career under my belt. And bank cleaning is not my career, that is just easy money. But Lenscrafters, I can easily turn into a career.

First off, if I was a licensed Optician, I would be getting better pay. And considering I wear glasses/contacts, and almost my entire family wears glasses or contacts...Why not. I love the new styles of glasses.

I definitely have some upcoming posts for everyone. Some are hilarious and some are serious. I am still running my Prenatal Giveaway, if you haven't entered yet, do so, by going here. There are still 11 days to enter!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Upcoming Things...

Things here have been stressful, but no need to bother anyone with my boring life details. I do have an upcoming review of String Lights I will be be doing once they arrive. Also will be doing a review of a new Cloth Diapering product as well, again once I receive the products and try them out, I will put up the reviews. I am still doing my Prenatal Giveaway, Link here

You do not need to be pregnant to enter the giveaway, I will never restrict my giveaways to types of people, Now if I have to restrict it to US or Canada it will say so in the post. But back to the Prenatal giveaway, again you could be Trying to Conceive or have a friend who is pregnant or Trying to Conceive. Remember taking prenatals while Trying to Conceive helps aid in the conceiving process as you are actively readying your body to carry a successful pregnancy.

And I definitely have an update to do about my job situation; But I want to save that for another post.

Now off to get the kids off to bed, get some cleaning done, and then back to the computer for some me time...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bedtime Stories

Do you have specific bedtimes you read to your little ones at night?? We have 3 read to our smallest; Goodnight Moon, Love you Forever, and Spot goes to the park. Those are his 3 favorites. Although he loves the Dr Suess books, they are long to read for bedtime.

Goodnight Moon was written by Margaret Wise Brown, an american's children's book. It is a highly acclaimed children's bedtime story. It is about a child saying goodnight to everything (as written by Wikipedia).

"In the Great green room, there was a telephone, a red balloon and a picture of The cow jumping over the moon....You know the story. I have been reading Andrew this story since he was about 3 months old. It has became a huge favorite of his to read at bedtime. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, he will ask for me to read the story to him before i lay him back down in bed. I can read the story without the book, and when he is half asleep is the only time I can get away with reading the story without the book or else he will ask and bed for the book because he loves the pictures.

Goodnight room, Goodnight moon, Goodnight cow jumping over the moon....We got to the point where we handed him the book a year or so ago and let him turn the pages while we read the story. Nathan and I had a system of reading it. He read one page and I the other page, and continued till the story was over.

Goodnight stars, Goodnight air, Goodnight noises everywhere....

Love You Forever was written by Robert Munsch. It tells the story of the evolving relationship between a boy and his mother. I cannot read this book without shedding some type of tears somewhere while reading it (as written by Wikipedia).

A mother held her new baby and very slowly rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while she held him, she sang: I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

My mother read this story to me when I was a child. I remember my mother holding the book and reading it to me. And I too remember my mother shedding tears while reading the story me as well. I didn't buy the book for Andrew till he was over a year old. And starting reading it shortly after. It took him awhile to get into the book. He does sit in my lap for bedtime stories. When I read these parts of the stories "very slowly rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth" I do rock him back in forth while I am reading it.

When the son came home that night, he stood for a long time at the top of the stairs. Then he went into the room where his very new baby daughter was sleeping. He picked her up in his arms and very slowly rocked her back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while he rocked her he sang: I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

The last book Andrew asks for his "Spot Goes to the Park" It is written by Eric Hill. It is an small interactive book.

This book actually belongs to a series of books that Eric Hill wrote, that was later turned into a popular children's animated series on television (as written by Wikipedia).

I do not even remember where we got this book. I believe it was a hand me down book from friends, or possibly somewhere else. But Andrew loves the book. It is very short, so it is normally the last book I read, but he begs for me to read it first, but I always save it for the end. It is not a pop up book, but there are parts of it where Andrew can flip up a cover and see something new.

Come, Spot. What are you doing? (under a flap), I'm getting my ball. And drew always points to blue on the ball saying "That is my favorite color mommy, BLUE"

These are Drew's favorite bedtime stories...What are your children's favorite bedtime stories???

Monday, April 2, 2012

Still Searching for work....

So on March 22nd my seasonal employment with Hale Groves ended until November later this year. I was one of the few kept on as long as possible. Wondering what I did there?!?!? Originally, I took from order for Hale Groves, but then I was moved to the Internet department; where I answered incoming emails for Hale Groves, and also was on Live Chat. In the end, I was mostly Live Chat and did some extra marketing work.

I was so sad on my last day, I had to get all my stuff...But my manager said he put my paperwork through to HR, and I was eligible for rehire for the upcoming season, I will be contacted when season started again. Also possibly there will be summer work for me too, so my manager asked if he could keep in touch with me over the summer. YAY!!!! I applied for my unemployment last Monday and I got my determination letter in the mail today, of course I was approved, YAY, that will help out tremendously.

Even before I applied for my unemployment I was filling out job applications, and even more now. I have been on a few interviews, but nothing concrete yet. It has definitely made things hard, but we are getting by. Rent is paid, food in the house, electricity and water are on, kids are happy and that is all that matters. Everyone now a days goes through rough patches with the economy being so bad lately.

Lately Nate has been getting upset with the amount of time I have spent on the internet, but its not like I'm on Facebook or Castleville or my blog ALL day, Mostly I am filling out job applications or searching for jobs to apply too. Plus with his sleeping schedule he has no room to talk, LOL. But he is the only one working in the family and I am busting my booty to find another job. Right now even if I only find part time work, it's better then nothing at this point. He wants me to go back to serving and although I want to as well, I don't know if I really want to go back to serving. I almost want to go back to office work for awhile. I think I need a change of job scenery.

I have a few draft posts I am working on, not ready to publish just yet. I sent in a survey for a review of a child's toy, I hope I get it. Still have to finish my post on Hazing and Bullying, plus my Birdie's Playhouse post....So much to do on the blog, with not a lot of time in the day to do it all in.

One thing I have been thinking of doing, and a general rough day by the hour of how our day around our house goes. It can get quite interesting...

So I am off for now...Going to go work on the blog drafts and check out Craigslist for some more job posting...Toodles for now....