Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Morning...

Wow, We had a busy morning in the house today. Woke up @ 8am to get my older kids on the bus. Then got dressed, woke up little bug and got her dressed for school/daycare. Then woke up monster man to get him dressed and ready for his appointment @ the doctors. Told the little ones to wake daddy up to say goodbye before we headed out.

Stopped by the gas station to get gas, the van was on empty. Sometimes we run it dry. Gas was $3.85 a gallon...Holy Crap!!! Gas is getting expensive. Little bug arrived on time and went on the playground before class started. Then off to the doctors to get monster man in to see his Pediatrician. We arrived right on time. YAY for Mom's super driving, LOL

Had to pay a few co pays. Got him back in the room, he weighs 31.6lbs, WOOHOO, Way to Grow Monster Man!!!! The reason for his visit was last Thursday night he was complaining of an earache, and I'm thinking on here we go again with that, he becomes a horrible bear when he gets an ear infection. Friday it was still bothering him, but his dad said he didn't complain of it hurting all weekend while he was there, but still went to the appointment for the reassurance. She checked him out and thankfully his ears were clear!!! YAY, she checked to see if his 4 year molars were possibly coming in, and sure enough he has some swelling in his gums where his 4 year molars should come in, so that was probably the cause of the pain. She stated it might become more frequent as they come in, but just monitor him, and if I had any questions to call her. She is an awesome doctor!

One appointment down, 1 to go!!!!

My appointment was reassurance that my body had a natural miscarriage and no intervention was needed. Which Nathan and I were positive that is exactly what happened, but I needed that reassurance and had questions, that no matter how much research on the internet I did, i would rather confirm those answers with a medical professional. I peed in my cup to do the pregnancy test. The nurse asked me a series of questions, that included How many pregnancies I have had, including live births, miscarriages and abortions; My last period, when the miscarriage started, etc....The doctor came in, and stated my pregnancy test was negative which was good, he did an exam, also a pap smear, since I was a little overdue for one. She stated my miscarriage was complete, no medical intervention needed. YAY for my body doing it correctly. I asked him if I can ovulate without have my period after a miscarriage and he stated yes, I told him I suspected I ovulated a few days ago, he replied with my cervix looks as ovulation possibly occurred. He said if my period doesn't show within 2 weeks take a test, if it is positive go ahead and call the office and they will schedule an appointment for me to see their new OB/GYN, she is new and wonderful. I agreed. He stated we can start trying again when we feel comfortable. We were not actively trying, but not necessarily preventing, just going with the flow. He told me to continue to take mt prenatal.

I was happy with the appointment. And now we are going with the flow for a few months...