Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are you a Morning Person?

You would think with 5 kids running around my house that I am morning person....NOPE, I definitely am not a morning person. One of my good friends posted a great link on Facebook the other day and I finally have time to share it with you. I will attach link, but also give my take on these steps.

The article is from Circle of Moms. if you haven't been there yet, Please check it out. The article is called 7 tips for becoming a morning person. Here is the link to the actual article http://www.circleofmoms.com/article/7-tips-become-morning-person-03316

Step 1. Resolve and Stick to a New Wake up Time. Now essentially what they are staying is if you want to start getting up @ 8am, set the alarm for *am, but "Don't hit the Snooze button" If you do, you know you will go back to sleep, and either sleep through the snooze the 2nd and 3rd time around or just completely sleep through and then not wake up till the same ole time you always get up. You body will eventually adjust, but you have to get up.

Step 2. Start your morning with coffee, If your not a coffee drinker, some can start the habit up. I was never a coffee person till my son was born, but I learned quick that it helps wake me up in the morning when he was an early riser. After he turned a year old, he wasn't much of a morning person. So I can sleep in, but with my older kids (stepkids), I do get up early, but my downfall is I crawl back into bed when they get on the bus. It just looks so comfy. If you feel you will never been a coffee drinker, there are other ways to help get you going in the morning. Maybe get a hot shower, or Go for a job in the morning. A great way to get your heart started, then come back to get that hot shower to cool you off.

Step 3. Keep Fatigue at Bay by staying Busy, You have to stay busy; Or fatigue will hit you, and it can over power you, But do not let it. Wake up, get your coffee. Are their dishes that need to be done from the previous night? Did you not get the toys picked up from the previous night either? Those are just 2 things to keep you busy. Maybe start that laundry that never gets started till Noon or later....See I know the wheels are turning in your head thinking of all the things you could get accomplished if you just stuck to getting up earlier in the morning.

Step 4. Play during the day, Not at night. I know it might be easier to sit on the computer and get those things done that you normally do after the kids are in bed, but try doing those in the morning, get them done now. As the day goes on write a list for the things you want to do tomorrow.

Step 5. Try Melatonin. Some do not know, but our body actually produces this naturally. Ever wonder why babies sleep so much. The abundance of Melatonin they have in their system. Our whole life we make it, but as we get older our body doesn't produce as much as when we were born. But they make supplements that contain Melatonin to aid in what our body does not produce, to use us sleep. Actually my parents both take this nightly for as long as I can remember. I also did as well when I was in my teens.

Step 6. Adjust your Schedule Gradually. So instead of changing your bedtime from 1am, to 10pm, do it slow, the first night go to bed at 12:30am, then the nest night maybe 12:15am or 12am. Every night go to bed a little earlier until you reach your goal bed time.

And last but not least Step 7. Take a Multi-Vitamin. Now I actually do not take a multi vitamin, but Nathan does. He takes Centrum Multi-Vitamin, for men under 50. It is also designed to support enegry and help protect against Stress. Which is something he needs. Nathan carries a lot of stress with his job. They promote energy and help us get a good start to the day.

There you have it. 7 tips to become a morning person. The article is a great read, and there are more featured articles on the site that are a great read as well.