Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Rebecca Foundation

As most people know we started to cloth diaper our toddler D when we started trying for Baby M. Through lots of Internet research I came upon a site called "The Rebecca Foundation" It was started by Amanda La Bell in the name of her eldest daughter Rebecca. Helping low income families be able to cloth diaper their child or children, by supplying them with a diaper loan package for up to 1 year. 

I started my adventure with them by applying for their program. I received a response and was put on the "On the line" program waiting for my application  to be accepted. Shortly before Christmas 2013 we were taken "Off the Line" and went through the process of getting our diapers, and in early January 2014 we received our diapers. 

We received 10 diapers varying from fitted diapers to pockets with inserts included. We also received several fleece liners a wetbag, and cloth wipes. 

All packages that are sent out vary due to how many different types of diapers each chapter has to lend out.Not everyone receives the same thing in their diaper package.

The foundation also helps Military Families who choose to cloth diaper as well. You can learn more about Operation Fluffy Bums by visiting this link Operation Fluffy Bums

To apply for their regular program Please visit this link Domestic Application

The run solely on donations, If you have any diapers you no long need or diapers that need fixing. They would be willing to accept these diapers and fix them up for their applicants. They also have a program where you can sponsor a family, to help with the financial part of sending these diapers out to families in need. To find out if you can help out the foundation please visit this link Giving 

Please visit the Rebecca Foundation if you are family in need of cloth diapers or want to sponsor a family in need of getting diapers please visit The Rebecca Foundation

Back Again :)

Yay My Piece of Heaven is finally back in business. We have full internet again on our laptop and I am fully able to start the blog up again. Everyone has missed alot.

So a brief run down on what everyone has been missing. Is we did get pregnant again, We welcomed Baby Max into the world on December 22nd, 2012. On a side note I will be making separate posts on everything to catch everyone up. We moved! Hubby got a great job and a new promotion. We welcomed our closest friends new baby on February 19th, 2014 Baby Tre. I am so happy to have internet back, Im sure all bloggers would understand.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Coming Back Soon

So for the past almost 2 years I haven't had a steady internet connection in order to keep this blog going; but in a few short days that will change. We are getting internet back in the house again. YAY!! I have so much to update and tell everyone about things that have happened...Just a few short days....Mobile blogging is not fun, that's why Ive been gone so long.