Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hale Groves

Do you love Oranges??? They are the premier fruit from Florida, my home state. All kinds, Valencia's Navels, Honeybells, you name it, Hale Groves grows it right here in beautiful Indian River County Florida. Not only Oranges, but Grapefruits, and other delectable treats.

Hale Groves was started by Mr. Steve Hale. When he was just a student in college on Spring Break he visited Vero Beach, Florida. He met an elderly man, who showed him his mail order fruit company; Mr. Hale became intrigued. After he graduated college in 1940 with a Mechanical Engineering degree, he was sent off to war, he completed his service in 1946. He then packed his wife and 2 kids up and headed back to Vero Beach, Fl. He started a small fruit stand along Highway US 1, their shed is where they packed the fruit, and their home was their office. Their first customers were just a small list of friends and family. From there the list grew, and they are now the leading company in the fruit industry.

Hale Groves is very unique in their process. When you submit your order, the fruit is still on the tree. Hale Groves does not use cold storage of any kind to store fruit waiting to be purchased and shipped. Everything is fresh from the groves. While you are looking over what you want to purchase, in their groves, the Grove Manager is constantly checking the fruit for the perfect conditions to pick the fruit. If it's not just right, they will not allow any fruit to be picked; They wait till it is just perfect, then they will allow fruit picking to be done, and orders will be filled. That is the #1 reason why the fruit is not shipped at the time the customer requests it. They need to be sure the fruit they are sending out is absolutely perfect!

Not only can you find Oranges and Grapefruits at Hale Groves. But they also sell fruitcakes, Brownies, Key Lime Pies, Florida Stone Crabs, Candies, Honey and Jellies. Everything they have is delicious. I grew up receiving this fruit at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I always knew there was something good when that Orange box appeared. Now granted I also grew up have an Orange Tree in my backyard; But at the holidays it was nice getting their fruit. I vaguely remember getting pears at Thanksgiving, and Oranges for Christmas.

The fruit doesn't have to be in season to order it, You can order anytime of the year and it will ship when harvested, or you select that perfect date you want to receive it.

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