Saturday, March 31, 2012

Perfect Prenatal Giveaway

I am so happy to be doing my 1st ever giveaway. And what makes me even more happy is that it has to do with pregnancy. I am giving 1 lucky winner a bottle of Perfect Prenatal, by New Chapter.

New chapter Prenatal is a whole-food multivitamin; That includes whole-food folate that is specifically formulated to nourish both mother and baby. Taking a daily multivitamin is more like an "insurance policy" that covers the nutritional gaps that are left by a less then optimal diet. Here is direct link for more information on the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

One thing I do like about this Prenatal while reading over the information I noticed this prenatal can be taken anytime of the day even on an empty stomach. I remember trying to take my prenatals in the morning, and it made my morning sickness worse, tried during lunch and that wasn't any better either. I was only able to take my prenatal right before bed. This can make any momma comfortable about taking their prenatal.

Upon looking over their website their offer all types of supplements for men and women. But also Probiotics, and Therapeutics. Take a look at what New Chapter has to Offer. Also take a look at Best Price Nutrition and see what else they can offer you or a member of your family. You will not be disappointed.

Now on to more about the Giveaway. Again you getting 1 bottle of Perfect Prenatal, By New Chapter. This giveaway is for anyone. You do not have to be pregnant to enter. Remember even if you are Trying to Conceive, starting to take a prenatal daily is recommended my doctors to help in the fertility process. Since this is my 1st giveaway, the entries are low. Good Luck to the winner. Go to the Rafflecopter below to do your entries.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hale Groves

Do you love Oranges??? They are the premier fruit from Florida, my home state. All kinds, Valencia's Navels, Honeybells, you name it, Hale Groves grows it right here in beautiful Indian River County Florida. Not only Oranges, but Grapefruits, and other delectable treats.

Hale Groves was started by Mr. Steve Hale. When he was just a student in college on Spring Break he visited Vero Beach, Florida. He met an elderly man, who showed him his mail order fruit company; Mr. Hale became intrigued. After he graduated college in 1940 with a Mechanical Engineering degree, he was sent off to war, he completed his service in 1946. He then packed his wife and 2 kids up and headed back to Vero Beach, Fl. He started a small fruit stand along Highway US 1, their shed is where they packed the fruit, and their home was their office. Their first customers were just a small list of friends and family. From there the list grew, and they are now the leading company in the fruit industry.

Hale Groves is very unique in their process. When you submit your order, the fruit is still on the tree. Hale Groves does not use cold storage of any kind to store fruit waiting to be purchased and shipped. Everything is fresh from the groves. While you are looking over what you want to purchase, in their groves, the Grove Manager is constantly checking the fruit for the perfect conditions to pick the fruit. If it's not just right, they will not allow any fruit to be picked; They wait till it is just perfect, then they will allow fruit picking to be done, and orders will be filled. That is the #1 reason why the fruit is not shipped at the time the customer requests it. They need to be sure the fruit they are sending out is absolutely perfect!

Not only can you find Oranges and Grapefruits at Hale Groves. But they also sell fruitcakes, Brownies, Key Lime Pies, Florida Stone Crabs, Candies, Honey and Jellies. Everything they have is delicious. I grew up receiving this fruit at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I always knew there was something good when that Orange box appeared. Now granted I also grew up have an Orange Tree in my backyard; But at the holidays it was nice getting their fruit. I vaguely remember getting pears at Thanksgiving, and Oranges for Christmas.

The fruit doesn't have to be in season to order it, You can order anytime of the year and it will ship when harvested, or you select that perfect date you want to receive it.

Check out the bottom of my blog for a link back and a special code for savings off your 1st order. Or Click here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are you a Morning Person?

You would think with 5 kids running around my house that I am morning person....NOPE, I definitely am not a morning person. One of my good friends posted a great link on Facebook the other day and I finally have time to share it with you. I will attach link, but also give my take on these steps.

The article is from Circle of Moms. if you haven't been there yet, Please check it out. The article is called 7 tips for becoming a morning person. Here is the link to the actual article

Step 1. Resolve and Stick to a New Wake up Time. Now essentially what they are staying is if you want to start getting up @ 8am, set the alarm for *am, but "Don't hit the Snooze button" If you do, you know you will go back to sleep, and either sleep through the snooze the 2nd and 3rd time around or just completely sleep through and then not wake up till the same ole time you always get up. You body will eventually adjust, but you have to get up.

Step 2. Start your morning with coffee, If your not a coffee drinker, some can start the habit up. I was never a coffee person till my son was born, but I learned quick that it helps wake me up in the morning when he was an early riser. After he turned a year old, he wasn't much of a morning person. So I can sleep in, but with my older kids (stepkids), I do get up early, but my downfall is I crawl back into bed when they get on the bus. It just looks so comfy. If you feel you will never been a coffee drinker, there are other ways to help get you going in the morning. Maybe get a hot shower, or Go for a job in the morning. A great way to get your heart started, then come back to get that hot shower to cool you off.

Step 3. Keep Fatigue at Bay by staying Busy, You have to stay busy; Or fatigue will hit you, and it can over power you, But do not let it. Wake up, get your coffee. Are their dishes that need to be done from the previous night? Did you not get the toys picked up from the previous night either? Those are just 2 things to keep you busy. Maybe start that laundry that never gets started till Noon or later....See I know the wheels are turning in your head thinking of all the things you could get accomplished if you just stuck to getting up earlier in the morning.

Step 4. Play during the day, Not at night. I know it might be easier to sit on the computer and get those things done that you normally do after the kids are in bed, but try doing those in the morning, get them done now. As the day goes on write a list for the things you want to do tomorrow.

Step 5. Try Melatonin. Some do not know, but our body actually produces this naturally. Ever wonder why babies sleep so much. The abundance of Melatonin they have in their system. Our whole life we make it, but as we get older our body doesn't produce as much as when we were born. But they make supplements that contain Melatonin to aid in what our body does not produce, to use us sleep. Actually my parents both take this nightly for as long as I can remember. I also did as well when I was in my teens.

Step 6. Adjust your Schedule Gradually. So instead of changing your bedtime from 1am, to 10pm, do it slow, the first night go to bed at 12:30am, then the nest night maybe 12:15am or 12am. Every night go to bed a little earlier until you reach your goal bed time.

And last but not least Step 7. Take a Multi-Vitamin. Now I actually do not take a multi vitamin, but Nathan does. He takes Centrum Multi-Vitamin, for men under 50. It is also designed to support enegry and help protect against Stress. Which is something he needs. Nathan carries a lot of stress with his job. They promote energy and help us get a good start to the day.

There you have it. 7 tips to become a morning person. The article is a great read, and there are more featured articles on the site that are a great read as well.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Morning...

Wow, We had a busy morning in the house today. Woke up @ 8am to get my older kids on the bus. Then got dressed, woke up little bug and got her dressed for school/daycare. Then woke up monster man to get him dressed and ready for his appointment @ the doctors. Told the little ones to wake daddy up to say goodbye before we headed out.

Stopped by the gas station to get gas, the van was on empty. Sometimes we run it dry. Gas was $3.85 a gallon...Holy Crap!!! Gas is getting expensive. Little bug arrived on time and went on the playground before class started. Then off to the doctors to get monster man in to see his Pediatrician. We arrived right on time. YAY for Mom's super driving, LOL

Had to pay a few co pays. Got him back in the room, he weighs 31.6lbs, WOOHOO, Way to Grow Monster Man!!!! The reason for his visit was last Thursday night he was complaining of an earache, and I'm thinking on here we go again with that, he becomes a horrible bear when he gets an ear infection. Friday it was still bothering him, but his dad said he didn't complain of it hurting all weekend while he was there, but still went to the appointment for the reassurance. She checked him out and thankfully his ears were clear!!! YAY, she checked to see if his 4 year molars were possibly coming in, and sure enough he has some swelling in his gums where his 4 year molars should come in, so that was probably the cause of the pain. She stated it might become more frequent as they come in, but just monitor him, and if I had any questions to call her. She is an awesome doctor!

One appointment down, 1 to go!!!!

My appointment was reassurance that my body had a natural miscarriage and no intervention was needed. Which Nathan and I were positive that is exactly what happened, but I needed that reassurance and had questions, that no matter how much research on the internet I did, i would rather confirm those answers with a medical professional. I peed in my cup to do the pregnancy test. The nurse asked me a series of questions, that included How many pregnancies I have had, including live births, miscarriages and abortions; My last period, when the miscarriage started, etc....The doctor came in, and stated my pregnancy test was negative which was good, he did an exam, also a pap smear, since I was a little overdue for one. She stated my miscarriage was complete, no medical intervention needed. YAY for my body doing it correctly. I asked him if I can ovulate without have my period after a miscarriage and he stated yes, I told him I suspected I ovulated a few days ago, he replied with my cervix looks as ovulation possibly occurred. He said if my period doesn't show within 2 weeks take a test, if it is positive go ahead and call the office and they will schedule an appointment for me to see their new OB/GYN, she is new and wonderful. I agreed. He stated we can start trying again when we feel comfortable. We were not actively trying, but not necessarily preventing, just going with the flow. He told me to continue to take mt prenatal.

I was happy with the appointment. And now we are going with the flow for a few months...

Promotion for Hubby?!?!?!

So if you all didn't know my husband is in the MIT (Manager in Training) program at his job. He works as a cook at Travel Centers of America. He has been working there since August 2011. He loves it. It is a very low pressure job compared to working as a cook at Cracker Barrel where we met. Shortly after he started working at the TA, their General Manager moved on to bigger and better things and they brought in a new manager, who he got along with quite well. By October, I believe it was, he was put into the MIT program.

I wont go into the stupid problems he has endured over the past 2 months, because it's petty crap that should have never been started to begin with.

Country Pride is the restaurant he works at. Its not bad food, lol. Its mainly buffet with other items cooked to order. He started off being the 4pm to midnight cook. But since being in the MIT program, and bringing on one of his good friends from Cracker Barrel. He isn't the 4-12 cook, but does some Manager shifts and 1 overnight shift from 12am-8am. It's the one shift I hate! Granted it is only one night a week, but still, I have issues with sleeping when he isn't here.

There were talks of several places we could go if accepted a Manager position with Travel Centers of America. The one I absolutely detested was Rawlins, Wyoming. 1st off, if anyone from there reads this, it has nothing to do with your city nor your state; It's just we have 2 little ones in our family, and I know that Nathan could not be that far away from little Jenessa, and I don't want to take Andrew that far away from his birth dad. As he does see him every other weekend. Other places were Alabama, Georgia, Texas, etc...Those are just to name a few. But in reality i would rather stay in Florida while our youngest are little and not in school yet. But in my heart, I know I need a change, emotionally I need that change. And the change would be good for our family too. I have never lived outside of Florida and I think my body is telling me that I need that change.

So last week He got a call from his General Manager, it was his day off and he asked him to come in that he needed to talk to him. And I hate when they do that because he always ends up getting stuck there. It drives me bonkers!!!! So we went down there. Andrew and I waited in the car. He was not happy about that, as he wanted to go into daddy's work. He came back out within 20 minutes or so. I asked him what happened, and he said I will fill you in when we pull out. I was thinking something bad if he would not tell me right away. As we left, he said 1st off I have to go into work. We are going home, I'm changing and take me back, I don't want to leave you without the van today in case you need to work too. I was pretty much on an on call basis with my job as it was seasonal work. He then said I have an interview with Nick the District Manager tomorrow about a Kitchen Manager in another store in Ocala, Florida. Which I was over the moon about because he knew I did not want to leave Florida.

One thing we did not realize after he interviewed was that the job was not with Travel Centers of America and Country Pride, but it was actually for their sister company Petro Travel Center, and the restaurant is Iron Skillet. And with what research I have done; it seems Iron Skillet is just like Country Pride, but a little bigger with a bigger buffet, offering more items.

And Nate learned that the job isn't in Ocala, Florida; but actually in Carnesville, Georgia. If he accepted the job, he would be going to Ocala for his training, then going to Carnesville for the job. Which is fine. Georgia boarders Florida, and we would be close to my parents, but after researching we found out that we would the just able the same distance from parents as we are now, just the opposite direction. Which is still fine. I was more happy with the thought of going to Ocala, because it would put us an hour away from them.

We should know sometime this week if he is offered the position. Everyone cross their fingers!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something New...

So one of the reasons why i started this blog is to be able to make some extra cash, or heck even make money full time, but some extra cash would be nice. I would love to get into starting to do reviews and giveaways, but I'm not really sure how to get started. I'm not having much luck researching on the internet either, and its rare that I don't find what I'm looking for on the internet. One thing I have always been good at is researching. I will search till I find exactly what I'm looking for, but lately trying to find out how to start doing reviews and giveaways is leading me to a brick wall...Not very happy about it. And of course the other thing reason why I started this blog was for my family. We have a busy life, and although I might not always get on here, I still post about the major things that have occurred in our life. So with that said, yes I have some updates to post about. Which they will be following the next few days.... And if anyone who stumbles upon my blog knows how I might be able to get started with reviews and giveaways, leave me a comment please :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Never got to say goodbye...

It's been really hard for me to write this post. Nobody ever wants to say goodbye to someone they never had chance to say hello too.

On March 9th, 2012, Nathan and I got the news we had been waiting for awhile. That we were pregnant! We were both shocked that we did it; but again we were so happy. I calculated my estimated due date to be around November 14th, 2012. A Thanksgiving baby! We were so delighted. So that put me early in my pregnancy, around 4 weeks.

So that was why I had a horrible stomach ache all day that would not go away! I ate 9 slices of pizza for dinner and the stomach ache got a little better, but not much. We laughed in bed that night as Nathan had to work overnights it was a Friday. And we laughed as we were in Walmart earlier that day and was actually going to pick out 2 outfits for our future child not knowing I was actually pregnant. But we decided to wait. Nathan wanted this baby to be a surprise, and that is hard for me, as I really want to know the sex, but I struck strong. But then he put the outfits back and said we will find out the sex, its too hard not knowing.

Later that night is when we found out I was pregnant. The test line was light pink, but a line is a line. We were overjoyed from then on. I had light cramps off and on, but that is normal, as my body was getting used to someone else being in there. But the weekend went on. Andrew was at his dad's house as he is only 3 he doesn't really understand much. But I could not wait till he got home to tell him that I had a baby in my belly.

By Sunday night Andrew was home from his dad's house, and I was so excited to tell him. He was happy, and said I can't see the baby, and I told him he could't see the baby till November when he or she was ready to come out of mommy's belly. Later that night Nathan's older three kids, were picked up by their sister to go visit their mom in Sanford for Spring Break.

Monday morning, I took my other test I had waiting and the test line was still light but still there. Again a line is a line. I went to work Monday and had cramping off and on, but again cramping is normal as my body is adjusting to having someone else in there. I walked from my work to Nathan's work as he had the van. He asked me to walk home as his boss needed to have a vehicle in case he needed to go somewhere, I told him I was cramping a bit, and didn't feel comfortable walking home, but oh well. I started on my walk home, and I got to the light and he texted me to come back and get the van as he didn't care what his boss said, and i shouldn't have to walk. I told him I did not want him to get in trouble, but I would go back to get the van. I went home and tried to take a nap, but Andrew was making that impossible. When Nathan was off work, I went to pick him up, and when we got home before bed, I noticed I was spotting light pink. And I remembered from my pregnancy with Andrew that I did spot light pink off and on, and I have a healthy 3 year old now. But something did not feel right. I had a feeling I was losing the baby, but praying that everything was fine.

I woke up Tuesday morning and I was bleeding. It was over, I lost the baby. It was the most heartbreaking thing ever. I was so hurt, that I let my body fail in having a healthy pregnancy. Nathan was numb and silent, couldn't even talk to me. I was scared that he would not want to try again. We were silent to each other for awhile. I felt so angry with God. Why would he let us see those positive tests if he was never going to let us keep the baby. I felt it was unfair and cruel. Nathan told me not to think like that, as he felt like we jumped the gun, by testing so early, my period wasn't due just yet. But I was pregnant. But not anymore.

The cramping was horrible, the bleeding was horrible. I couldn't stand the pain, it felt worse then having my regular period. Although Nathan disagrees; he said he has seen me in more pain when I am having my regular period. We had several long talks and we decided that we would wait awhile before trying again. My body just was not ready to support a pregnancy yet.

I know what happened with the pregnancy and the baby. I had what is called a Chemical Pregnancy. A chemical pregnancy is the clinical term used for a very early miscarriage. In many cases, the positive pregnancy test was achieved before the woman’s period was due but a miscarrige occured before a heartbeat was able to be seen on an ultrasound. (from It is hard to accept, and I still cry at times. But everyday it does get a little easier.

I have to remind myself what the IUD did to my body as far as preventing pregnancy. Mirena is a soft, flexible IUD that releases small amounts of hormone locally into your uterus. It gives you birth control you can count on—that lasts for as long as you want, for up to 5 years. Mirena is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. You can try to become pregnant as soon as Mirena is removed. Within a year of having Mirena removed, about 8 out of 10 women succeed at becoming pregnant. If you have a pelvic infection, get infections easily or have certain cancers, Mirena is not right for you. Mirena is also proven to reduce heavy periods in women who choose intrauterine contraception. In my honest opinion I will not get it again, it also thins out the lining of your uterus so you cannot support a healthy pregnancy. Although you can get pregnant on the Mirena, if you suspect your pregnant and you have an IUD, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Although we never got to say hello, we never really said goodbye either. I know you are watching over us in Heaven, keeping all of us safe, and one day we will meet again.

Baby Frazier 3/13/12