Friday, May 16, 2014

Welcome Baby Max

About 6-7 weeks after the lose of our Angel baby; We were surprised to know we were pregnant again. We were thrilled and ecstatic but somewhat reserved as we had just experienced a lose. We were very cautious in announcing the baby as we were still mourning the lose of Angel.

At our first appointment the first thing to do was make sure this was a new pregnancy or not. So my fave Midwife brought in the portable ultrasound machine, turned that sucker on and we saw our little bean. She measured our little gummy bear and It was a new pregnancy. If I had possibly been pregnant with twins and lost one and kept the other the ultrasound would show in the baby's measurements, but this little bean measured right on track for 9 weeks along. So definitely a new pregnancy. We were given a due date of 12/16/2012. Oh lord, now we will have 4 birthdays in December.

My pregnancy went very smoothly. I didn't have any serious issues. They did some genetic testing that I did not have with Toddler A. I found out I am a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis. I was shocked. I did speak with my sister about this, and she told me in her last pregnancy with her little Baby Z, that she found out she was a carrier as well. So in trying to put together which parent we got the mutation from we determined it was our dad. How easy was this figure this out...We are actually half sisters, we share the same dad, different mom...Thankfully after my husband was tested, he tested negative. So testing stopped there, because the chances of Baby M being born with Cystic Fibrosis, with only 1 parent carrier is slim and rare.

One of my biggest concerns in this pregnancy was that I did not a repeat c-section. Unfortunately Toddler A was a c-section 4 years prior. Our hospital did not support nor allow VBAC which is Vaginal birth after cesarean. So we were on the hunt for a hospital that would allow me to attempt this. We found that Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida, would allow me to do just that.So next we were on the hunt for a Dr in Melbourne that would take me as a patient, as time was running out. I chose Hibiscus OB/GYN, Dr Wagaman. Oh how I love this woman, She was awesome, We were so happy we switched to her.

Oh yes that's me 40 weeks ready to go. We did have a false alarm on 12/12/12. Little man was just practicing for the big day. Our last appt was on 12/17/2012, We were basically told that if he doesn't arrive by 12/23/12 to be at the hospital at 6am on 12/24/12 for induction. We had tried everything to get him out. Long walks, heck i was even walking to Walgreen's or even the electric company to get this kid out, but he was just so comfy. We tried sex, NOTHING, He was comfy and was not budging for nothing!!! We even tried the dreaded Castor Oil with zero results. 

On Friday 12/21/12 was my last day of work. Hubby was also ill and i was catching his sickie germs, not good when i was about to have a baby. I went to Walmart later that night and got the last of the chicken in the deli and  I was craving jalapeno poppers, So you better believe I grabbed them too, and went home. At the time the only kids we had in the house was Twin N, Older T was at a friends house, Twin E was also at a friends house, and Toddler A was at his dads house. I ate my glorious food and went to bed...Her comes the middle of the night with the nasty braxton hick contractions, that were just frustrating me. I did get some sleep and woke up in the morning on 12/22/12 in tremendous pain. I started timing contractions, and sure enough those bad boys were coming regular. I continued to time them, and it was getting a bit intense. Now I have to tell you that this was supposed to be the day we took Older T and Twin N and E to their Bio Moms house, Hubs looked at me and said what do we do, I said well we could get into the van and see how far we get, he said yea, we would get as far as Melbourne. 

Hubs Brother B showed up and said Uh...She doesn't look so Hot, Oh thanks I appreciate that Dude....Then our neighbor J showed up, and he said oh let me grab the phone, you need to call the dr, shes in full blown labor. Brother B rounded up the kids, and took them until things got figured out. Hubs talked to the midwife, and she said lets go, get her up there. And thank god it was our favorite midwife on call. So we called hubs Mom, and said "Its Go Time" and wouldnt you know since it was sooo close to Christmas; Traffic was torture, but she made it to get us. She helped me with my breathing on the way, and ended up putting the hazard lights on and put the pedal to metal and said if we get pulled over, you make it look like that baby is gonna come out in the car, HAHA. 

We did make it to the hospital in plenty of time, thankfully; No Baby M was not born in the car. I was checked in about 1pm-ish. My water still had not broken. But i got hooked up to the glorious monitors, and time to wait. Everyone know what happens in labor....They broke my water around 7-8 centimeters. 

Well I went from 8-10 centimeters in 12 minutes, HOLY Crap are you serious. Your telling me i did it!!! And wait I did not have an epidural or anything, just a shot a stadol to ease the pain, but I still felt EVERYTHING!!! Unlike my Epi with Toddler A. So now I have to push. Lets go, lets push this baby out. I had my Mother in law on my left and Hubs on my right! I can do this. After 2.5 hours of pushing Baby M was born. 

Baby M= Maximillion Lee-Wayne Frazier was born on 12/22/12 @ 10:29pm. He was 8.4lbs and 20.5 inches long. 

Unfortunately when they broke my water, they noticed meconium in my water, which meant Baby M had a bowel movement. So there was a possibility that Baby M had swallowed some, but since there was no distress on the monitors at the time, there was no rush to get him out. Well when Baby M was born he was not breathing well at all. We were all very nervous, It felt like a lifetime for him to cry, I was so scared something was really wrong. Finally he cried, but it was weak. It was found that Baby M did swallow meconium. They gave me the horrible news that he was being taken to the NICU, my whole world had coming crashing down. My baby was leaving me. How could this be, my pregnancy was perfect compared to Toddler A. How could this be, what did i do to deserve this. 

And what was even worse was that since i had developed a fever in labor, that broke immediately after birth, I was not allowed to hold Baby M till i was fever free for 24hrs. The next day they told me I could see him after 3pm, You better believe I was counting down to that moment, and The nurse came in at promptly 3pm and checked my temp and said with a smile "Are you ready to go see Baby M" Oh My God yes, Lady, lets go as I am dragging her out of the room

Baby M, my angel

Mommy and Baby M

Hubs and Baby M

That day that we got to finally hold Baby M, is when we found out exactly what was going with him. He was born with a collapsed lung, better know a pneumothorax. And hopefully it would correct itself with the next day. The lung corrected itself within 2 days. But then poor Baby M contracted Congenital Pneumonia and had to be treated with antibiotics. 

On Christmas day They asked for permission to perform a Spinal Tap to check for meningitis. Which we agreed to. Regardless he had to be treated with a 10 day antibiotic, but they were going to give gim credit for the days he was already on the antibiotic. So as long as the 72 hr results for the spinal tap  were negative for meningitis Baby M would come home in a week. Again i thought what did I do wrong to deserve this. My baby was so sick. The worst part of all was that it was Christmas Day and my baby was not coming home. I was being discharged, but my baby had to stay. I would never wish that on my worst enemy. The feeling to leave the hospital without your baby is heartbreaking. The hospital did let us stay one more day; we left the next day. 

We did visit him only once, because we were on one income at the time, and were not able to afford to drive the 45 minutes to the hospital. We called the NICU 2x a day, because they had 2 nurse shifts, So we got a report on his progress from his day and night nurse. And thankfully everyday Baby M was on track to be discharge on 1/2/2013. Oh the day came, I was so happy to wake up and re-leave my swollen full boobs of yummy delicious milk for Baby M that i was pumping and I had been stock piling in the freezer. I called the hospital as soon as Toddler A woke up. They said Yes, he still being discharged, but the doctor was not there yet. We couldn't wait, we left at 10:30 am for the hospital, I wanted my baby!!!!

Baby M getting dressed in his coming home outfit, bought by my mother in law...Almost there, he was fully fed, which is the golden ticket to breaking out of that joint!!! Just waiting on papers to sign. 

Here we go, already to close this chapter of Baby M's life, and start writing the next chapter in the Book of Life. We left the hospital and got Baby M and Toddler A in the van and headed up to Sanford to get Older T, and Twin N and E from their Bio Moms from Christmas vacation. 

Now if you made it to the end, I commend you :) In the next week or 2, I will write a post looking back on Baby M's 1st year of life, and then another post regarding Baby M's current health issues.