Monday, May 19, 2014

Made from Scratch

I don't cook from scratch very often, with 5 kids to feed it tends to get hard to cook daily from scratch. But this past weekend was my weekend off from work, i got a wild hair up my booty and decided to make lunch from scratch while the kids were at church. 

On the menu this past Sunday for Lunch was Homemade Tortillas and re-fried beans, Bean burritos!!!!

I found a great recipe for homemade tortillas from this great website

And re-fried beans are easy to make whether you do it from canned pinto beans or dry beans. Except dry beans takes longer then canned beans. But since i started this on a wimp i used canned beans. And just added 4 cans of pinto beans to a big pot on high to start, i used all the liquid in the cans except one, and next time, I'm only doing liquid from 2 cans. It did take awhile for the liquid to cook out. Add your favorite seasonings and let them get to a good boil them cover and set on simmer, and every so often mash them babies up. Use whatever you have, a fork spatula. A potato masher works the best, but since I don't have one, I used a cup, it worked just the same and better then a spatula which is what i normally use. 

They loved it, but my husband did not, because his job was to roll out the tortilla dough and make the tortillas. i cooked them up and did the beans, then made the burritos for the kids. They were a big hit. They loved them. My tortillas looked nothing like the picture, but they were yummy. Lunch was a great success!!! Now onto dinner.

Dinner was just as good. i decided to make pancakes from scratch, and I wish i would have checked my flour situation after making the tortillas from lunch because i probably never would have made homemade pancakes because i had to make them stretch and my kids can eat a lot!!!! But they were full and that's all that matters, and I was shocked they were full. 

Here is the website i used for the pancakes. It is an egg-less recipe. But not because i don't like eggs, we definitely love eggs around here; But i used all the eggs making homemade egg salad earlier in the week. 

It was a big hit. I will definitely use this recipe again. Just making sure i have plenty of flour on hand because my kids love pancakes. 

Cooking for my family takes skill. There are 7 mouths to feed. Regardless of if the hubs is at work, he likes to come home after a long day at work and open the microwave to find a plate made up for him of whatever we had that night for dinner. We really have to make our dollar stretch. Making sure I provide healthy by filling meals. And sometimes its easy to make a huge pot of rice, throw in some canned meat, and some veggies and serve it up, its quick and easy. they are still getting the protein they need, but they are also getting a hearty filling meal and believe it or not, they love it, and even more when i throw some brown gravy on it too. Those nights are lazy nights when i don't feel like standing in the kitchen for at least an hour cooking, and its actually easier then spaghetti, which is another quick go to meal in this house. 

I have nothing against homemade from scratch cooking, but it does not fit well with my family. Honestly crock-pot cooking is the easiest with my family. I can make up all my meals on shopping day, and then freeze them. Put them out the night before and toss it in the crock-pot and let it cook all day while im at work or out running errands and when the kids are all home from school, dinner is done, minus and side items or possibly pasta to go along with dinner.