Thursday, May 29, 2014

5 Reasons Why I Choose to Cloth Diaper

When Hubs and I decided we wanted to make our family complete with one last child; I started researching money saving ideas for our new bundle of joy. I stumbled upon cloth diapers, I knew very little, but I was very interested. Once I read more and more; I was hooked on doing this for our child. I wish I would have cloth diapered Toddler A. Now, how was I was supposed to approach Hubs about this, HAHA, I just dove in and said "Hey, what do you think about cloth diapers?" I showed him some pictures and articles and he said "OK" OMG, Really it was that easy, I thought it was going to be hard to convince him, but it was way to easy.

When when we found out I was pregnant, and people said well start buying diapers now, and start stocking up, we said "No, thank you, We will be clothing diapering Baby M" Oh you should have seen the looks, and the comments. I remember when my niece came to visit, and we both changed our babes, and she said "I cannot believe you do that, its so gross" I said no its not, Baby M rarely gets a rash, and only leaks if i forget to change him ontime (Yes, sometimes it happens) I said how can you resist these cute prints. I wish I could have converted her, but she was dead set on them being gross, thats ok, but what do you think was on your mothers butt as a baby or me for that matter my dear, Yup, Grandma cloth diapered. Or what about 100 years ago...Yup cloth diapers...Now granted cloth diapering has changed from 100 years ago, when there was prefolds and little plastic pants, Oh how we have evolved :)

The #1 reason why I cloth diaper is the money savings aspect of it. Think about it really, It can cost over $1200 to disposable diaper your baby in just the 1st year alone. Now some kids are not fully potty trained until at least 3 years old, and possibly 4 years old. Do you know what I could do with $1200, yup, pay bills, or put it away for a rainy day...Nah, Id pay bills. So instead of wasting $7.00+ for a pack of diapers that may or may not last me a week, I choose not to, and use these adorable print cloth diapers that serve there purpose as a glorified poop catcher. 

The #2 reason why I choose to cloth diaper is less diaper rashes. Most cloth newbies don't realize that microfiber should not go against your babes skin, and that is where 90% of rashes come from In my opinion. Other times it could be the type of detergent you are using, or possibly not using enough detergent to wash them, so they aren't getting as clean as they should be. There are over a million reason why babies get rashes, but one thing I do know is Baby M rarely gets them. 

The #3 reason why I choose to cloth diaper is less waste. Yes, I am going green a lot lately. With having 5 kids, I do my best to be wise with all my choices, and I hate waste and trash. Do you know how long it takes for just ONE disposable diaper to decompose???? No one knows the exact answer, but it takes an estimated 250-500 years for just ONE disposable diaper to decompose!!!! That is insane, to think that all those diapers used on my 4 previous kids have not fully decomposed...EWWWWW

The #4 reason why I choose to cloth diapers is the fun adorable prints!!! Oh my, if you think it, its can be a print. From superhero prints to character prints to flowers or animals, the sky is the limits with cloth diapers, If you can dream it, it can be a cloth diaper print. Baby M's theme is Camo, you better believe we have one Its Kawaii Camo print. Hubs loves Superman, Yes, we have one of those too, it is a JC Trade. 

The #5 reason why I choose to cloth diaper is how versatile they are...Disposables are made one way, one fit, one cut style. But wait, Not every baby is the same size. With cloth diapers, sometimes you will try several types and not all fit each baby the same. There are AIO's (all in ones) which is like a disposable, but not. There are fitted diapers, Pocket diapers, AI2's, Hybrids, Covers and prefolds. You will find what works for you and your baby the best. My stash consists, of pockets mostly. Some fitteds, I have 1 AIO, and some prefolds and covers. I used to hate pockets, but I have grown to love them. In the beginning we used prefolds and covers. I generally trifolded the prefold, now if i use them, i doeither a jelly roll fold or the angel wing i think its called. 

There are 5 reasons why I cloth diaper Baby M. I have tons more reasons, but those are my top 5 reasons. 

Here is Toddler A and Baby M. He is sporting a Thirsties Duo Diaper in this picture. Its not the one I want to show off, but Facebook is driving me crazy looking for the exact picture I want to show.