Monday, May 19, 2014

Explanation for lack of posting....And upcoming posts....

Here is my other reason besides being tired for not blogging a lot and yes, that is changing, but here it is...

Yes, that is my entertainment center. Excuse the mess. But do you see how the laptop and TV have the exact same screen on them??? Yes, our laptop is hooked up to the TV, and that's how we watch movies or TV shows. We do not pay for cable. We have access to Hulu Plus and sometimes streaming from other site. So its a huge pain in the rear to disconnect everything and pull it down along with the cooling pad. Then when I'm done blogging i have to put it back up there and reconnect everything, plus restarting the laptop, or else the laptop screen will not display on the TV. Yup big pain in the butt....But right now its not in the cards to get another computer right now. 

Now of course the kids don't really play a major part of why i don't blog all the time. But Yes, it is much easier to blog after they go to bed. The house is quiet and I play Pandora on my phone, while I sit on the couch and blog. Its kinda of soothing.

I have a few upcoming blog posts. One of them being my monthly volunteer hours for The Rebecca Foundation. Which will be titled "Why I choose to Cloth Diaper", another post is going to re-visit Family Routines, I know ours has changed since the last time I wrote about ours. And I would like to do a post focusing on our family, being hubs and the kids. Maybe even a "How we met post" Haven't quite decided just yet, how i will work that one. And I am still working on the 2nd Chapter of Mr Max's life :) 

Ok, its late, and I got 2 blog posts in tonight, time to relax and watch a movie and wait for Hubs to come home from work, and I have work in the morning