Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally Working Again.....

I am finally working again....YAY!!!!! I have 2 jobs actually. Working part time at Lenscrafters, and part time for H&H Cleaning, where I clean one of the local Wells Fargo banks in my area. I am enjoying both jobs. The bank job (hehe, I said bank job...OOO) is 6 days a week with Sunday off. I can go anytime to clean after 6pm, just have to be out 11pm. It's really easy...A monkey could do it, LOL. I really enjoy Lenscrafters. I was excited to get that job. I am not only just looking for a job, but finally get a career under my belt. And bank cleaning is not my career, that is just easy money. But Lenscrafters, I can easily turn into a career.

First off, if I was a licensed Optician, I would be getting better pay. And considering I wear glasses/contacts, and almost my entire family wears glasses or contacts...Why not. I love the new styles of glasses.

I definitely have some upcoming posts for everyone. Some are hilarious and some are serious. I am still running my Prenatal Giveaway, if you haven't entered yet, do so, by going here. There are still 11 days to enter!!