Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday...

It is a very lazy Sunday. Definitely switched up. Normally Nate does not work till Sunday night, but today he went in @ 8am, and gets off work @ 4pm, YAY!!! The King of my Castle will be home tonight! I am very happy!!!! And Jenessa was picked up by her mommy, earlier then normal, against Nate's wishes of course, but she will be back on Friday. So we deal. Drew went to his dad this weekend and will be home around 4-5pm today. I cannot wait, I always miss that booger, when his dad's truck turns the corner and I can't see him anymore. So for now, I am sitting here playing Castleville on Facebook, Listening to iHeartRadio.

I really need to clean up our bedroom, there's a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. Which will all get done eventually today. Dishes, more laundry to be done. There is always laundry and dishes to be done. Then sweeping and mopping.

Well My fluffy mail still has not come, I am sad, I do want my fluffy mail really bad!!! When I checked tracking it said it was in Atlanta on the 27th, which is when it was supposed to be delivered, and then late in the night on the 27th, and all day the 28th, it was in Memphis, REALLY, Why Memphis, that is further north then when it was in Atlanta...GRRR...I knew I hated USPS, and the lovely lady that sent my fluff to me hates USPS, but they can be the cheapest to mail things out.

We had Tara's party yesterday. No real pictures, because we were having way too much fun, I am mad at myself because I never got a picture of her cake. Nothing special, just a homemade funfetti cake mix, with cream cheese icing, and then "Happy 11th Birthday Tara written on it in pink icing, with pink sprinkles, lol. They had pizza for a late lunch/dinner. I have pictures of them playing baseball. Still need to get them uploaded first, and I will post a few soon.

Off to go find something to do, lol....