Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Won!!!!!!

I entered a contest for 2 used cloth diapers from Babycenter, and YAY, I won, all I paid for is shipping. I cannot wait to get them in the mail. My 1st fluffy package, too bad I can't even use them yet. Drew is way too big for diapers.

They are 2 diaper from "Mommy's Touch". I had never heard about them till i entered that contest, and I have been doing some hardcore research lately, obviously not in depth enough, lol. I want to take a stab and think I am getting 2 of the "budget Bottom AI2 Diapers" But I will know tomorrow. One needs some stitching repair and that is easy-piesy for me to do.

Here is the picture of the 2 diapers in the ad for them when I entered the contest.

I am ecstatic to get them in the mail, according to USPS tracking it will be here tomorrow, Oh i hope my fluffy mail comes before I have to go to work, cause then my Hubby will get it, and i know him he will open it. And I want to be the 1st to open our fluffy mail!!!

Once I have the diapers, I will do a Mini-Review on them, and do a through review of their website. So for now, I will be sitting here impatiently waiting for my fluffy mail!!!! Did I say impatiently...Ok, just wanted to make sure I said I will be impatiently waiting...