Sunday, January 8, 2012

You did what....

So the other day my husband said i told T that we were trying to have a baby. I asked him why, cause we didn't we weren't going to tell any of the older kids, cause we didn't want it getting back to his parents, because his mother would flip, she does not want him having another child, but his father says if we want another child there isn't anyone to stop us and its our life, our choice.

I was shocked to say the least. Now she asking a billion questions about where babies come from, how to they grow. So I took her on Baby Center and showed her a few things about pregnancy and babies growing in womens bodies. She was very intrigued and had even more questions, I told her to save them for later, lol, there are plenty of time for questions.

So this bleeding from having my IUD is insane, i wish it would stop. Well it does for a day or two, then starts right back up again. Then goes away, then comes back, its driving me crazy cause i don't know when is the right time to actually START trying to conceive a baby.

I made a new email address today, I can never stick to one, my life is constantly changing and it seems that my email address reflects my life. That was random.