Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stupid School

So my kids school is closing, and their father and I couldn't be happier. I really dislike this school, and dislike is a nice word to use, not the word I really want to use. The are going to Dodgertown Elementary currently. Now I had always heard that this was a great school, Grade A, i believe. Well Grade A or not, I do not like it. I am happy the school is closing, but for stupid reasons.
According to the School Board, it is perfectly OK, to kick our students and faculty out of our school and let Osceola Magnet School move on in, because "Oh Boo Hoo, their school floods during heavy rain" Big Whoop-die Doo! It really outrages me that they are actually going to let this happen. Essentially I should be happy because not only 1 of my kids will be moving schools, but all 3 of my school aged kids will be going to different schools, But its the principal of the matter, that they are just letting them over take the school.
According to the School Board it will cost over $20 million dollars to build a new school for Osceola Magnet at 1 of the 2 proposed locations, But it will only cost half of that to essentially kick our kids/faculty out, and rezone them to new school will only cost about $10 million dollars.
So the 2 of my 3 school aged will be rezoned, to from what i have heard, Glendale Elementary (where they want to be) Citrus Elementary, Highlands Elementary, J.A. Thompson Elementary, and I think Vero Beach Elementary. My 5th grader will be going to middle school next year, OMG, She is getting so big, She is protesting going to the middle school we are zoned for, because they have uniforms, But actually I just checked their site, and there is not uniforms, so hopefully there wont be anymore talk of Homeschooling for her, lol.
We were told that the final decision was made on December 13th, 2011. And of course we all knew it was the closure of Dodgertown, but exactly when is to be decided. Parents were under the impression, that the kids would finish out the school year and then Dodgertown would close over the summer; Well my kids come home, and they said that their teachers told them that the school would not close till December 13th of 2012!!! Are you kidding me!!! You are going to let them finish out the 2011 year, then expect them to go back for 4-5 months of school of the 2012 school year, and then transfer them all to new schools!!! OK, who is the retarded one now...I just don't see how that is a good idea at all. So send them back to a school for a few months, then pulled them out, and send them to all new schools, is just crazy, but whatever, you think you know what is best for our kids; But a lot of parents in the county are starting to think otherwise.