Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well the presents are all almost wrapped. We have 2 more presents to wrap, but we need to find boxes big enough to fit them, and then 2 more presents to set up on Christmas Eve night for the little ones. Really need to pick up up 3-4 more things, but Nathan isn't letting me. Even tho we really need them for the kids. Oh well. I cannot wait to see the looks of the little ones faces when they wake up Christmas morning in their new beds, in front of the tree. And then all of their faces when they open their presents on Christmas morning. We finished shopping yesterday.

We will be getting Jenessa on Thursday for the weekend. Drew will be seeing his dad on Christmas eve for a few hours, then going to see his dad for a few hours on Christmas Day, due to his dad's work schedule. Thankfully I have Christmas off. Nathan does not, with him working at a truck stop he never gets holidays off.

More to come later...