Saturday, December 31, 2011

Been Awhile

I know its been awhile since I have posted. things have gotten crazy with the holidays!! I cannot believe it is New Years Eve. Nathan is at working doing the end of the year inventory, then going to the Liquor store for some champagne then off to his parents to see Miss Abbie before she leaves tomorrow to go back to Ohio.

my glasses broke on Tuesday. I normally wear contacts, but i am out of contacts and funds are always tight in December, so i had to forgo getting new glasses or contacts, and I settled by having them put my lens in another frame for now. Which works, but not perfect. They are not a perfect fit, there are gaps, but it works for now, till i can get my contacts, then send my lens off to get fitted for the frames i bought. So the frames i got were off the Youth rack @ Walmart's Vison Center. I was lucky they even had something that would work. She told me the frames were $52, I was like "OUCH", LOL, So i called Nate and asked him what he thought, and he said get them, you need them. So i did, she rang them up and I got them for get this.....$9.00, No im not kidding they were $9.00, I was so happy!!!!

Christmas was Awesome!!!! We had an awesome set up!!!! The kids had a blast opening up presents. Emma came in our room @ 7:15am and gave us presents to open, i told her to put them back under the tree and we would be out in a few minutes.

Here is the Tree with all the presents underneath. Then we had 2 toddler beds that we put together and then the 2 keyboards to set out.

Here is the set up, Minus the little ones in there beds. Nate did move Jenessa and Andrew into their new beds before we went to bed. We never made it to bed till 3am-ish, lol and we woke up @ 7:15am...

Abbie, Nate's oldest daughter came down with her Aunt Kathy for a visit. We were so happy to have her with us for a few days. We had a Semi family photo done, Minus Jenessa, because she was still with her mom when we took the photo. We were gonna do another one today because Jenessa was here, but then I reminded Nate that Drew was at his dad's so it would be another semi family photo, So we decided to forgo another semi family picture. But we all had a great time. Abbie had a blast with the kids...And i was so happy to finally meet Abbie. I have never met her until Monday night.

And on another good note, my IUD is officially out, and we can finally complete our family!!! Yes, i took a picture of my IUD in the Sharps bucket, but I am not posting it on this blog...LOL...

I doubt I will be on here again before the New Year. Everyone have a Happy New Year!!!!