Friday, February 24, 2012

We got it...

We got our van!!! Definitely not the van I had shown a picture of in a previous blog.

We did go look @ the van I showed a picture of, but after test driving it we noticed there was a small knock in the engine. Definitely a big problem. We cannot buy a vehicle that already had an issue with it. We need a vehicle that is going to be reliable for our family.

Funny story about test driving the Honda was I told Nate we were going to drive by another car lot to see what they had as well. He said fine but pull in so we can look. I was not to keen on stopping to look at other vehicles while on a current test drive, I definitely did LMAO, when we decided to do it. So we did. The sales guy was nice & informative, down to earth, told the facts. He actually asked about the van wed pulled up in. we We told him everything and did LOL as well.
So we took the Honda back. Nate told the guy about the engine, he said ok, Nate said no thanks on the van. The guy handed him his card, & we left & went to the other lot.

After we did our paperwork, got our numbers. Narrowed down to 2 vans, one being an 7 passenger, the other an 8 passenger. We decided on the 7 passenger. We are very happy with our decision.

We bought a 2001 Dodge Caravan. It its blue, & I love it!!