Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We have a reason to Cloth Diaper...

We finally have a reason to Cloth Diaper...No, I'm not pregnant...yet, lol. I was so happy when i realized we finally had a reason to Cloth Diaper. We have 2 A Mommy's Touch AI2 diapers in our stash for our new baby, but Nathan does not want me using them on Andrew. my reason is they are diapers, and he doesn't wear them anymore, but they do fit him, lol.

Our youngest son is still potty training, he wears pull ups at night, but we ran out 3 days ago, The 1st night he just wore a thicker training pants by Gerber and no accidents. On the 2nd night we did the same trainer because the 1st night we had no accidents, well he had an accident. So i changed him, and my hubby found a swim diaper and i used that. He had another accident, my fault probably because swim diapers are not designed like regular diapers, so i changed him back into another pair of training underwear and hoped for the best, and he remained dry for the rest of the night.

On the 3rd day i woke up and got smart. I went on You Tube and looked up "How to fold a receiving blanket into a cloth diaper and found this video for the "Origami fold" and went with it.

We used this video and folded up all the receiving blankets. I decided there is no use in buying pull ups when I can use these, and get hard core with getting him accident free at night. Its rare that he has accidents at night, and ever more rare when he has more then 1 accident per night.

So on the 3rd night we got him ready for bed in his origami folded receiving blanket with a snappi, and a Gerber Birdseye cloth diaper folded as a lay in insert, a pair of his thicker training underwear, and his pj shorts and sent him off to bed. I made sure i had back ups in case he had an accident. He woke up once and needed to go potty. Then he woke up wet through to his shorts, I changed him into my back up that did not have the Birdseye folded insert, but instead another receiving blanket folded as an insert, he didn't remain fully dry for the rest for the night. He woke up and I changed him, but he wasn't wet through to the receiving blanket on the outside, but just the folded insert. I was so happy and proud of him.

Here are the pictures of what we folded and how it looked.

Here is Andrew all ready for bed in his origami folded receiving blanket with a snappi. The one thing is we do not have any type of water proof cover to use, So i am improvising for now on that, till I can either get something or make something.

And here is the picture of our little stash.

The one on the right is the ready to use with an insert in case of an accident Too bad we are only using them this week till Thursday night, as Drew is going to his dad's for the weekend. I am happy and very proud of myself.